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CC1310 vs SPIRIT1
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Author:  drasko [ Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  CC1310 vs SPIRIT1

Hello JP,
what are your opinions on CC1310 in comparison to SPIRIT1 module?

I know that you had experiences with SPIRIT1 and you claimed that it is very good, but TI has a new CC1310 chip that integrates Cortex M3:

One more question - I have noticed that both SPIRIT1 module ( ... 5/PF260756) and CC1310 have just a few GPIO pins for use. It looks like they are expected to be used via AT commands. Is this their normal use-case? I would expect that we can use MCU that is on the module directly, without adding an additional MCU next to the module and then sending AT commands.

On the other hand, I can see that OSS-7 group uses EFM32 Giant Gecko - ... dware.html - but I guess that consumption is higher...


Author:  jpnorair [ Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CC1310 vs SPIRIT1

I like the CC1310. There should be multiple variants of CC1310 with different I/O options, but in my experience it has more than enough I/O for a wireless sensor endpoint.

There are a few caveats of CC1310.
- it uses an integrated DC-DC converter
- it doesn't have USB

If building a device that needs low power, USB, and low noise, the best MCU option right now is STM32L4. It's preferable to the MSP432 and anything from Atmel, in part because it runs at lower power from a low voltage source (no DC-DC) but also because it is much faster at going from deep sleep to run. That is an important feature. CC1310 is also very good as a low power MCU. I would say the CC1310 and STM32L4 are currently the best low power MCUs, although CC1310 also contains a wireless transceiver.

Both CC1310 and the SPML1 module have integrated MCUs, so AT commands are one option, but to get the best out of either you need to program the MCU to do what you want.

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